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Homeland Security, Workplace Violence, Vulnerability & Threat Assessment 

What is it? 

Homeland Security, in the mind of most, refers to a Federal Governmental Agency that is generally responsible for safeguarding the United States of America, the homeland, against harm, destruction or attacks from domestic and foreign terrorist, as well as natural disasters. However, homeland security also refers to safety, preparedness and protocol relative to preparedness for companies, businesses entities, organizations, events, homes, individuals, etc. It is incumbent upon every individual and lawful for every entity to make a reasonable effort to ensure a safe, secure, and resilient environment, workplace, place of business and/or place of gathering against terrorism, natural disasters and other hazards. 

What does it involve?  

It involves responsibility being legally attributed to any person or entity housing and/or providing the space for an individual or many people, inside or out, in concert, community, the workplace or otherwise to take reasonable measures and efforts to provide for their safety. And, providing for one's safety involves efforts to reduce the vulnerability to terrorism and to establish protocols to minimize damage from attacks or disasters that do occur. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) undertakes a unique approach to homeland security as it relates to reasonable protections against workplace violence, vulnerability and threat assessment. Typically, such request are unique in nature relative to the scope and outlay of the building or location. Circumstances that present an imminent, actualized or potential loss/risk of an economic or personal nature to include infrastructure, theft, terrorism or harm to executives, employees or other individuals are highlighted during the NIA's initial assessment. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) provides a Homeland Security perspective to workplace safety, workplace violence, threats and vulnerability assessments, as well as security and protection service assignments for executives, employees and customers/clients on the premises during an occurrence. Workplace violence, threat assessment, vulnerability and security assessments involve an evaluation of the physical layout to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities, potential security breeches, as well as in-house security protocol review, threat assessments, active shooter response and training for the in-house security personnel.

The landscape relative to safety and security is ever changing and often requires proactive planning and efforts for proper risk reduction, safety, security and loss prevention. Security, risk and loss prevention are never simply about physical security alone, but security awareness, emergency preparedness, effective background screening and a well-trained loss prevention or risk management department. The National Intelligence Agency Inc., provides comprehensive evaluations and assessments to update, enhance or develop programs and protocols to minimize vulnerabilities. 

Additional proactive and cost effective safety and security services provided include: 

                    Pre Employment Background Checks 
                    •Professional License History
                    •Computer Security System Vulnerabilities
                    •Electronic Security System Vulnerabilities
                    •Emergency Preparedness & Response Training
                    •Background Investigations
                    • Asset Searches (Fraud & Embezzlement Cases)
                    •Security Guard Training
                    •Investigation Staff Training