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Criminal & Civil
Law Enforcement
Forensic pathology involves the examination of the living or dead for the benefit of public interest and/or the courts for the purpose of providing a scientific professional opinion relative to the cause, mechanism and manner of death, injury or illness.

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The American Criminal Justice System pertaining to Court preparation and proceedings in the twenty first century has evolved markedly. There is an increasing need for specialized well trained investigators and forensic experts when it comes to case development and the pursuit of the truth.
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Law enforcement involves a variety of activities and disciplines performed within a legal context for the purpose of maintaining order, commonly referred to as preserving the peace, as well as the protection and preservation of life and property. The United States of America authorizes a number of governmental

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The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) provides comprehensive professional forensic investigations, consultations and intelligence gathering services to the business community, governmental entities, as well as private citizens throughout the United States. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. evolved out of a genuine desire stemming from various professionals in both the private and public sector, dedicated to law, law enforcement and justice. These highly trained professionals have demonstrated dedication and commitment to enhance traditional methodologies of seeking truth, facts and evidence by way of blending new techniques and technologies together with time tested industry standards and best practices. The National intelligence Agency, Inc. is comprised of highly qualified investigators, criminalists, forensic investigators, forensic science experts, consultants, clandestine operatives and security protection officers that function and serve to enhance our American system of justice. It is with a true sense of commitment and respect for our nation’s justice system that the NIA remains devoted to law, order and justice as the basis for providing resources, expertise, experience and resolve in undertaking our mission. In all security assignments, investigations or intelligence gathering operations in which the National Intelligence Agency, Inc. determines that a Federal, State or Statutory law has been violated, the appropriate law enforcement agency of jurisdiction is placed on notice, incorporated into the operation to work in conjunction with the NIA and/or are provided with a copy of the operative’s final report.  
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