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Criminal & Civil Investigations
adept at conducting thorough and comprehensive investigations in preparation of criminal or civil court proceedings continues to rise in proportion to the significant advances in forensics, technology and techniques. The American criminal and civil justice system in today’s society has matured into a multidisciplinary mosaic of law, science and technology. Most criminal or civil trials are won or lost in direct proportion to the facts, evidence and witnesses testimony uncovered, revealed and produced. The competency and effectiveness of the case investigator(s), as well as the thoroughness of the investigation conducted, often determines the success or failure of a case.          

Federal and State District Attorney’s offices are typically equipped with a full compliment of well trained, salaried investigators and experts holding specialized knowledge based in interviewing, recognizing, collecting and evaluating evidence and statements, as well as investigating crimes involving homicide, burglary, fraud, arson, motor vehicle accidents, etc. These well-trained and experienced investigators too often utilize their experience, knowledge and abilities to seek evidence, facts and witnesses as an advocate for prosecution or the court.   

The NIA is an industry leader in providing experienced investigators, forensic investigators and/or experts with specialized skills to serve non metropolitan law enforcement agencies that lack the resources to employ full salaried investigators, the general public relative to civil matters, the business public, corporate entities, as well as defense attorneys and law firms in meeting their objectives in pursuit of truth and justice. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc.'s investigators are all State of Georgia certified professionals that have acquired invaluable experience, resourcefulness and best industry standard practices over the years.    

The National Intelligence Agency Inc. offers an extensive range of investigative services:  

      * Intelligence gathering
      * Forensic Data Recovery
      * Medicolegal Death Investigation
      * Criminal & Civil Investigations
      * Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations (Federal & State protected categories)
      * Workman's Compensation
      * Surveillance
      * Special Services Operations
      * Employee improprieties and/or theft
      * Elderly abuse or neglect (to include autopsy if needed)  

In addition, the National Intelligence Agency Inc. undertakes a select class of undercover investigations and/or intelligence gathering operations relative to loss prevention and theft. Contact the National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) for complete, comprehensive and thorough investigations. All completed investigations include agent or operative’s availability for court testimony. 

The American Criminal Justice System pertaining to Court preparation and proceedings in the twenty first century has evolved markedly. One important aspect of this evolution involves judges, attorneys, legal scholars, as well as law enforcement entities recognizing that now more than ever, there is an increasing need for specialized well trained investigators and forensic experts when it comes to case development and the pursuit of the truth. The need for well trained investigators, forensic investigators and experts in specialized fields who are