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About Us
The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) provides professional and comprehensive investigations, forensic investigations, consultations, intelligence gathering, homeland security services, as well as security training and homeland security training to the public and private business/corporate community, governmental entities, as well as private citizens hosting large events and gatherings. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. evolved out of a genuine interest and concern from various law enforcement and security professionals in the private and public sector that maintained a dedication to law enforcement, security, safety and justice. These dedicated professionals that demonstrated a personal commitment to enhance traditional methodologies of seeking essential facts and evidence by way of blending new techniques and technologies together serve as the foundational building blocks of the NIA. It is with a true sense of commitment and respect for our nation’s justice system that the NIA remains devoted to fact finding, security and safety as the basis for providing resources, expertise and resolve in each of our undertakings. 

The National intelligence Agency, Inc. is comprised of highly trained and qualified investigators, forensic investigators, forensic experts, consultants, homeland security professionals and clandestine operatives that function and serve to enhance our American system of justice. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. was founded based upon the concept that the whole of American society will benefit from the availability of highly trained and experienced professionals committed to industry standards, integrity, as well as a profound interest in justice and the American system of justice.