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Civil Court Investigations
What is it?  

Civil Court proceedings are often required to resolve or settle differences between parties believed to have suffered financial loss, emotional anguish or physical harm caused by another. In civil court, such matters are typically called a “tort”. Civil Court proceedings are brought to bear upon issues associated with financial liability or any number of occurrences such as: automobile accidents, wrongful death, injuries, slander, theft, divorce, etc. Unlike criminal proceedings, the Federal or State government does not prosecute or attempt to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, but instead it is the sole responsibility of the plaintiff or aggrieved individual(s) or entity to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence.   

When is it needed?  

Ultimately, Civil Court is needed when two differing sides on a position, argument or happening are unable to agree and find resolution on matters that are believed to be financial or otherwise. Civil Court proceedings can require many of the same investigative tools and resources necessary in criminal proceedings; however, judgments are delivered monetarily as oppose to one's liberties and freedom. Similarly, the quality of the investigation and the competency of the investigator(s) are valuable assets for a favorable case resolution or judgment. The significance of having a well trained, experienced and resourceful team in preparation for civil court proceedings continues to increase with the number of civil lawsuits or claims being filed and managed by attorneys and law firms alike. Additionally, the greater import being placed upon highly skilled and well resourced company attorneys and risk management departments with trained salaried staff in an effort to out maneuver legal redress and the financial liability associated with a claim. Civil Court proceedings are needed to obtain a fair hearing and martial the unbiased judgment of a trier of facts in an equitable manner that is based upon the merits of the case and evidence presented.        

What material purpose is served?  

Civil Court proceedings are won or lost dependent upon a preponderance of the evidence or lack thereof; as presented in Court. In the current environment of high stakes civil lawsuits, it is prudent to secure the services of experienced, resourceful investigators to conduct thorough investigations to include locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, obtaining evidence and/or conducting legal surveillance. Civil court case investigators can be beneficial to both the plaintiff or the defense in their pursuit of facts and evidence relative to the development and subsequent presentation of the case. The material purpose of having an experienced investigator(s) serving on behalf of, and in the interest of a civil lawsuit is that it affords the client (attorney or law firm), as well as the plaintiff or defense with timely and thorough case development in preparation for trial. 

Contact the National Intelligence Agency. Inc. (NIA) to complement the efforts of an existing or upcoming civil lawsuit. The NIA has established itself as a reliable and stellar investigative resource to conduct investigation either “as needed” on a case by case basis, or contractually on an annual basis. The NIA's investigators are State of Georgia certified.