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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies on the Federal, State and local levels work diligently to protect and serve. However, more and more in today’s society, individuals and businesses are identifying the need for additional protections against both internal and external crimes, as well as terrorist threats and sabotage. Whether in the form of executive protection services, body guard services, strike force protection services, internal affairs investigations, computer fraud, embezzlement or security services, the need for the business community and private individuals to heighten defenses and protections is apparent. The National Intelligence Agency Inc. provides open investigations, as well as clandestine intelligence gathering
operations within the workplace to identify such acts as drug abuse, drug-trafficking, terrorist threats, sabotage, employee theft, workplace safety issues and active shooting situations. In most instances the aforementioned activity can be deterred, minimized and safeguarded against when there is a commitment from ownership or senior level management to address it. Often, as a result of a disproportionate amount of the attention being focused on production, productivity and deadlines, managers and supervisors are rarely afforded the time, training or expertise needed to effectively prepare or combat such problems. Too often, by default, management is forced to accept such activity and losses as what the industry has termed, “the cost of doing business.” This passive and cynical perspective breeds increasing levels of criminal behavior, an unsafe work environment, as well as a high safety risk working environment with increased vulnerabilities that affect the moral and safety of the employees and the workplace in general. 

The National Intelligence Agency Inc. (NIA) provides a variety of services that are tailored to each company and/or organization's needs. A comprehensively security and vulnerability assessment is performed to identify and effectively address relative needs and concerns. The NIA provides expertise in assisting ownership, senior level management, in-house security personnel or risk management personnel in evaluating and assessing concerns. The NIA conducts strategic investigations to include clandestine operations when necessary to obtain intelligence gathering relative to financial misappropriations, material theft and other improprieties to include theft of proprietary property.       

The United States Chamber of Commerce reported that employee theft costs American businesses over $50 billion dollars per year. Protecting your business against a loss of revenue due to theft, misappropriation or financial liability associated with an unsafe work environment is as important to business as the next client, sale or product produced. 

Undercover Investigations & Intelligence Gathering Operations  

A highly effective tool in uncovering theft, misappropriations, fraud or other work related improprieties that may include personnel up to the level of management or supervision can involve a discretely performed investigation conducted by a highly trained professional undercover investigator. An undercover operation is executed by carefully selecting a trained investigator with the ability to perform the cover job assignment, if necessary, while conducting an undercover investigation relative to the scope of concerns of the client. The selected investigator is routinely inserted into the workforce through the typical hiring process; however, as a perceived nondescript and typical employee, the investigator begins to conduct a clandestine intelligence gathering operation from within to uncover facts and evidence germane to the client’s concerns.         

The client is kept abreast of the investigation via bi-weekly reports unless circumstances or intelligence received warrant a more timely briefing, collaboration and response. The bi-weekly reports are provided to afford ownership and/or senior level management an objective view of the company’s operational health, as well as quality oversight and timely information relative to the investigation. 

Homeland Security, Security, Workplace Vulnerability & Threat Assessment Services

The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) undertakes unique security and protection service assignments. Typically, these assignments are unique in nature relative to the scope and outlay of the assignment. Activity that present imminent, actualized or the potential loss/risk of a significant economic or personal nature to include infrastructure destruction, theft, terrorism or harm to executives, employees or other individuals are most common. In all security assignments, investigations or intelligence gathering operations in which the National Intelligence Agency, Inc. determines that a Federal, State or Statutory law has been violated, the appropriate law enforcement agency of jurisdiction is notified, incorporated into the operation to work in conjunction with the NIA and/or are provided with a copy of the operative’s final report. The National Intelligence Agency, Inc. (NIA) provides a Homeland Security perspective to workplace safety, workplace threat and vulnerability assessments, security and protection service. Homeland Security services and training involves workplace threat assessment, workplace violence, vulnerability and security assessments, active shooter, evaluation of the physical layout to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities, in-house security protocol review, as well as response and training for in-house security personnel. 

Polygraph Examination

The National Intelligence Agency Inc. executes the administration of polygraph examinations that can assist with investigations when necessary and appropriate. While recognizing that polygraph examination results are not typically admissible in a Court of Law, a polygraph examination can be a useful discernment tool in investigations and intelligence gathering.